Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Children's Bible Hour

As a member of the Crew, CBH Ministries sent me four different books/CDs from their Seasons of Faith series.

Each book is a 10" x 8.5" paperback book and it comes with a CD. The reading is interesting to hear and my kids all enjoy the stories. Of course, my kids love story CDs in general!

Each title is $10 and you can buy the complete set for $40.

Braving the Storm is a story about a boy who has to leave his home for a strange place and despite being surrounded by family members, he is quite lonely. It's a story about relying on God to get you through difficult times.
Seventy Times Seven is a story about forgiveness involving neighborhood boys playing baseball and meeting at a favorite ice cream shoppe.
You Can't Come In is a story about two boys who build a treehouse fort and one asks the other about God and Salvation.
Race with Midnight is a story about a girl and her cousin spending time on the cousin's horse farm. We find out how the girl will share her faith with her cousin.
The stories are well read and have stories that most kids can identify with. If you are looking for ways to amplify the time you spend with your kids applying Biblical principles, then these will make a fine addition to your home library.


Sue said...

I have read most if not all of the TOS reviews this past year and I think this is the first one that has really jumped out at me in a positive way!
Looks like I need to make a choice...the whole set or one for now, hmmmmm :)

Heather said...

Oh Sue that's great! I hope you enjoy them.