Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jumping Rope

So the kids have really been into jump roping lately and I decided I was really tired of the lame ropes we have in the house- the kind you find at walmart are not really great for new learners.

I looked around to see where I could get a decent rope and I ordered some with a reportedly good throw from Rainbow Resource and I am not disappointed!

R9 is a natural. We really enjoyed watching the jumpers in last semester's jump rope class at co-op night. How many of you have a jump roping class at co-op?? They learned all kinds of tricks too. Still at recess every Monday, my kids love to take turns at the rope- all but E11 that is. He usually plays football with the older kids.
E11 managed to get the hang of it after the first few jumps. He's competitive enough that he won't let others do better than he does- not without a fight anyway!
I had to take a turn...who can resist? I turned around and around too. I wonder what else we can try. I think I'll take this picture to my next dr's appt so when he asks what type of exercise I'm doing I can say I'm jumping rope with my kids (also the treadmill but that's not as amusing).
I7 is a super jumper! He even turned around and around! When he jumps a single rope he looks like a boxer- no little jumps in between.
Would you believe J4 can jump a rope?? I was going to start him doing the side to side jump thing and he insisted I just throw it around. He did it! You haven't seen cute until you've seen a 4yo skip rope.

The rope stash- we have two 8' ropes and one 16' rope. We have purple, pink and blue. I avoided the nice green one because I7 is colored blind (definitely green) and I wanted to be sure he could see it well.
I ordered up tons of jump rope books so we could learn some new rhymes and tricks. I'm also excited about this little resource.

The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book was written by a phys ed teacher to accommodate the small groups with kids of differing age groups. Does that sound like a homeschool family or what?

This is all in an effort to enjoy our membership to the Y as a family without always using the pool and the cardio room. I found the perfect time to go is early afternoon before the after-school programs begin. This will be great fun on muddy spring days and rainy summer ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Run to get your own fun jump ropes and pick up a new rhyme!


duvide-frank said...

We have quite a few of skipping techniques here.

duvide Jumpropes

Amy said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your tips!