Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homeschool Science Fair

Our local homeschool group science fair was on Saturday night. It's just a chance for us all to come together and share what we've been doing in our homeschools.

We decided to pull together a summary on our study of caves. The kids did a great job! It was a good review of the material for them and it was nice to see all the other projects.

We gathered some spelunking gear and we had my laptop showing the clip of the fun cave exploration on Dragonfly TV. Plus, we shared the books we read that had caves. Of course, we shared our cave facts.

When a parent came to look at the map of cave locations in the US, she commented on how funny it was that they were clustered together to which R9 commented, "Well they are all together like that because that is where the limestone deposits are." I love it when they learn!

We have turned our attention to volcanoes as we've been studying Italy and reading Red Sails to Capri which has us transitioning from caves to volcanoes (there's a beautiful cave on this volcanic island- I know....smooth on the hand off!) as we continue our earth science focus this year.

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