Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Trip!

Hello from Providence, RI! We are on a little road trip with Dan this week. Our first stop is Providence, RI. We arrived last night and today we are going to the Providence Children's Museum- we have a membership to our local Science Center that allows us to get into many science museums and children's museums for free. We pay the top tier price for a family membership, but with the size of our family we only need to visit two extra venues a year for it to more than pay for itself. I highly recommend this strategy if you have it available! I've even gotten friends from Maryland to be members at our science center for the same reason.

This evening we are heading to Boston for another stop on the "Ivy League Tour". Dan is visiting Brown and Harvard Universities for lab business. We are tagging along!

Tomorrow we are going to explore Boston and make a stop at the Public Garden so we can meet these fellows below. This is going to be an awesome Five in a Row moment even if it's the middle of February! The kids are so excited to see the statues of Make Way for Ducklings fame. The story, of course, takes place in Boston and you better believe we might even just follow the route of Mr and Mrs Mallard to discover Boston. Not to mention that last year we spent a lot of time with the American Revolution and we are going to see some sights downtown where Paul Revere made his ride.

Saturday morning we are leaving for home and on our way out of town we are making a stop at American Girl Place Boston! R9 has been saving for a new doll for her collection and you just might be able to guess that Addy is her next choice. This will be a short stop and we just cannot believe we forgot to bring a doll for the trip! Ack! Not to fear though...we are head to NYC in April and we will be sure to bring along some guests for a more extended stay at American Girl Place.

And because we like to make the most of our road trips, we are stopping at Old Sturbridge Village for a day of excitement in the 19th century village! I'm excited about this one and I can't believe we'll make it there before we see Farmer Boy's house in Malone, NY but here we are. We are going to purchase the membership for the year so we can come back in better weather and camp at a nearby state park and enjoy another day at the village. At that time, I have plans to hit Plimoth Plantation and Salem and quite possibly the New England Aquarium. The plan is to wait until school is back in session so we can go blissfully about town as homeschoolers. And the membership to the village will give us discounts/free admission to those other venues.

Of course I will take copious pictures and blog appropriately. Until then we are off for more adventures in downtown Providence, RI! First stop...Lego Robotics store which is reportedly just down the block.


Shannon C said...

Boston was by far one of our favorite family vacations. We went there last summer and yes, we had our FIAR moment with Mrs. Mallard! Hope you have a great time!

School for Us said...

Boston is near the top of my list of "places I want to go" with my daughter. (I went once as a child. We have cousins who lived there.) Anyway, have a LOT of fun and I can't wait to see your posts!

Melanie said...

Hey wow, you'll be close to us! Hope you have fun, Sturbridge Village is like a second home to us in summer, we have a membership and go there all the time! The chocolate chip cookies in the general store are yummy ;).


Jeff and Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!! I wanted to ask you how you know so MUCH about each city and what it has to offer that is of interest to your family and which memberships will give you discounts? Do you research yourself, go on tips of others, or purchase books? I always have a very hard time finding things that we want to do in the towns that we end up in.

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