Saturday, February 13, 2010

Public Presentations 4-H Style

If you've been a Blog, She Wrote reader for a while, then you know that R9 participated last year in the 4-H public presentations. After seeing the fun last year, her brothers decided to join her this year.

E11 did a narrative talk on using Scratch for computer programming. He did a fabulous job despite the fact that we should have had an extension cord for the projector. You know...I thought about the set up ahead of time, but I made an assumption about there being an outlet close by to the area in front of the screen in the classroom. And why wouldn't I? In my defense, I taught in a science classroom with a large demo table at the front with outlets- It never occurred to me you could have anything less!

He did a fabulous job and earned a blue award and a chance to move up to the county level. He'll do the talk again next month. He taught the group how to get started and what the different elements meant at the same time with great poise. Next time, we'll be sure to have an extension for him, but it might be harder to come across a screen at the next venue. That's one to think on...
R9 did a demo of Face Painting and I7 was an absolutely cooperative client as he patiently stood still to be painted upon. She is a delight to watch in action. R9 has some serious craft show hostess capabilities! She also received a blue award along with the chance to once again advance to the county level.

Finally, I7 is a Cloverbud and did a talk on "How to Build a LEGO Space Ship without Using Directions". He did an excellent job building and talking about it at the same time. He was most emphatic about having a symmetrical ship repeating this fact several times. When asked about why at the conclusion of his talk, he answered simply and without delay, "Because it won't look right."

Public Speaking- what a great skill to hone as a young child. As our kids get older, they will refine their style even more and they can take on any manner of category as well. I would love to see a debate at some point for example!


Mary said...

Hey thanks for the card. My niece and I are doing the bird count this weekend too. We have over 40 inches of snow here and it is freezing. Hope you are safe, warm, and well.

Heather said...

Hi Mary! Good to "see" you! I've heard about all that snow. Enjoy it.

It's always cold and snowy here, but we don't have 40 inches currently.


Shonda said...

Love it! My 14 yo dd has been involved a little bit in public speaking. There is a lady that does an awesome workshop called Unleashing Your Voice that we both participated in. My younger kiddos have all spoken in church (children's portion~ they are all assigned 2 min. talks and to read a scripture/give a prayer on a semi regular basis)ut I would like even more experience opportunities for them. Yea for you for getting your kids that experience!