Saturday, January 9, 2010

Face Painting Fun!

One of the things R9 wanted most was the Klutz Face Painting book. I used to do a lot of face painting with the kids but haven't in a while. You know there are face paint recipes out there if you are interested.

There are a lot of fun ideas in the book with step by step directions. The paints themselves are professional and easy to blend. R9 has really enjoyed creating with them.

I was the first customer. Check out the snowflake and cupcake. So fun!

E11 was reluctant, but I convinced him she was good for it.

Doing pretty good here- E11 is relaxing...

Go Hokies! Awesome he was ready for game day on New Year's Eve.
She took the kit to Maryland and did a fantastic job on a Killer whale for I7. I wish I had a picture! It was amazing. Many cousins lined up and if I were into sharing faces, you could see her cousin A5 all done up in a snow princess face. Such great pictures of her doing up A5's face.

This kit definitely appeals to R9's creative personality. Lots of fun and lots of party ideas if you are so inclined. Something tells me R9 might that one a go come June.


Morgan said...

I love those books! I saved all of mine from when I was a kid. They need new supplies but the books are timeless.

Tracey said...

Big fun! We did this at one of my daughter's bday parties. It was a big hit!

Kendra said...

We're having a carnival party next month, is she for hire? ;)

Lilly Walters Schermerhorn said...

Klutz has some great ideas.

Have your tried to make your own face paints? You just don't get the amazing colors you get with professional grade paints. Still, hard to beat the price! You did a good job on your hands. How the heck did you paint on your PAINTING hand?!

- Lilly Walters,
Henna Tattoo Artist, Face and Pregnant Belly Painter

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