Friday, January 8, 2010

Cranberry Thanksgiving 2009

Cranberry Thanksgiving is a staple study in our house guessed it! Thanksgiving! I don't row it every year, but this year Five in a Row came out with a new Fold n Learn for it so of course the kids and I decided to give it a go just for fun. It has a lot of things that are fun to review of nothing else and the book is just a sweet read for Thanksgiving time.

Thanksgiving Traditions and Onomatopoeia - even J4 got into saying sound words

Uses for Cranberries and I7's rendition of Facts about New England- when we pull out a Fold n Learn, most times I show them which part of the folder to put the information on and I let them choose how. That's one reason I am not so into tightly orchestrated lapbooks. They crimp my style!

R9's New England and our Observation Sheet for the experiment on Starch and Iodine (more on this in my next post)

The FIAR manual has an art lesson on silhouettes so I used the directions from the Samantha Craft Book to do them with our kids.

Here we have R9 and J4

and I7 and E11- these are hanging in the school area now and we'll add them to the lapbook when we want to take them down and we don't mind folding them up.
This book affords a good look at story elements and smilies vs metaphors as well. There is a lot to have fun with in Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Next up is a closer look at our experiment with starch.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Thanks for sharing! We had just printed and cut out the entire homeschool share lapbook for Cranberry Thanksgiving when the FIAR one came out. :( I would have loved to have used that one-- although the homeschool share one is nice too. We'll have to do the FIAR fold and learn next year!! ~Lori D

Elinette said...

Those are great sihlouettes. I also love the idea of having the kids draw what they see before and after the starch test.