Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Puppet Theater

So R9 took a puppet making class at co-op this fall. Below is a shot of her final performance at co-op night on November 23rd. Throughout the class, the students made various puppets from different materials. All the while, they created puppet scripts to put on small puppet shows almost every week. R9 had the BEST time in puppet making class. Of all the puppets she made, I think the paper mache head one turned out the best. Dowel rods make the base of a fine puppet. She chose the character trait of courage to represent through a puppet. Harriet Tubman was her choice. The play turned out really well. She and her friend performed the skit for all the families that night.

About a week before co-op night I got the news that the teachers were giving away the puppet theater. I just knew R9 would absolutely swoon if this were to come home with us that night. I got first dibs and then let the news rest for a week before I said to the way honey...guess what we get to have!

Every 1400 sq ft home needs a puppet theater this size! The kids talked about it non-stop the whole week and have been enjoying it. R9's favorite attribute is the shelf for props.

So, now we have a place for these puppets to play! In case you avoid that link, here's one of my favorite puppets from our collection. I have a tie dye cow as well because a hint of color is always fun.
We went to see a live puppet performance of A Christmas Carol today- blog post to follow. It was really enjoyable. The Puppet People are really talented.

For now our Christmas tree will go just where the theater is so we'll need to stow it for a few weeks. After today though, I'm certain there will be a lot of puppetry going on at our house.

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Jen said...

Very cool! I was going to make one out of a thick tri-fold mat board, but I finally decided to just do a curtain on a dowel rod. Now if I could just find the fabric I bought for the curtain...and the box with the puppets...