Tuesday, December 15, 2009


R9 is still working with those pesky multiplication tables. Recently, we made some matchbook posters for her 8s and 9s with Jimmie's suggestion.

Last year we used Times Tales to learn the tables and she learned them, but now when you ask her what 8 x 8 is, she has to tell you a story! Well let's see...that's Mr and Mrs. Snowman and they had to eat 6 snowballs 4 times a day. Really? Can we not just go for 8x8=64? Sigh.

It's time to back up and see if we can do the conversion from story to facts again. She also tells me there is a template for making flashcards of anything on the American Girl website. I think I'll let her make some for the multiplication facts and then we'll USE them!

And an online pal was so gracious to recently send me her RightStart Math Cards because she never really got to using them and wanted to free herself from the guilt! So...we have the product cards to use to practice with and as soon as I can order the book with all the directions I'll be all set with those! Next month friends...staying debt free is not a glamorous affair.

Recently, we've also made judicious use of our computer math practice. This week we have a review due on Mathletics and we've tried Quartermile Math just for some fun drill.

Sometimes you just have to dig in and get the work done. Miss R will get there...pretty soon she might be seeing times tables on manila folders on the kitchen wall. Alas, there is no chair rail to hold them. But Mom and Dad I STILL know those facts. Ahem.


Penny said...

What a lovely blog! I almost feel like I'm at your kitchen table waiting patiently for it to be my turn to answer a question!

Michelle said...

I love this. I need. more. living. math. :-)

And I have something for you. :-)


Heather said...

Thank you Penny and Michelle!

Jimmie said...

Loving the matchbooks! We're STILL trying to memorize the facts. They just don't stick. Someday...