Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkin Math

We have been so crazy busy here with lego practice, co-op, fun fall sunny days that we've been on the go A LOT. However, we've had time to fit in some fun activities here and there. What am I saying? Of course we are ALL about the fun! ALL the time! Right?

One of my oldest friends and a fellow homeschooler and FIAR user, Cherylin (this is where I'd link you to her awesome blog if she had one...hint...hint) sent me a link to knowing I love pumpkin fun stuff. It took me a while to really peruse their offerings, but when I did I pulled some fantastic math fun. See what you think.

The Pumpkin Jumble game was a big hit. Pattern blocks piled high, we did some jack o' lantern building using a dice roll

The kids had to record on a chart the roll of the die and follow the directions to fill in the face. Once they were able to complete it, they won. In the meantime, we totaled up the tally marks and talked about probability.
We also had some fun with glpyhs (symbols representing data) which was so fun because later on, J4 was able to share what we did with Dan at the dinner table. In a pretty detailed way too.

You could spend a lot of time on there roaming around and they are kind enough to leave previous year's links up. Though Halloween is all done, there are still good pumpkin with no face type activities to enjoy.

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Jeanette said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Mathwire. It looks like they have some great stuff over there.