Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Sarah's Wish

Sarah's Wish is a book about a young girl who experiences tragedy and has to keep her family's secret all on her own. It's a heartwarming story that takes place prior to the Civil War in the United States and details the life of the Underground Railroad and those who were a part of it.

The book includes a free audio download of the book and even has a glossary of terms in the front.

It's a well written story by Jim Baumgardner who is the great, great grandson of the town doctor in the story. Mr. Baumgardner has a heart for homeschoolers (all of his grandchildren are homeschooled) and in particular sharing his brand of history with all kids through his Sarah Books and website.

I must say he was always very animated when sending emails out to us as Crew Members and I couldn't wait to receive the book in the mail he made it sound so nice. I was not disappointed! The bonus is that this book is very timely for us as a family because we are studying the Underground Railroad and the Civil War right now. Sarah's Wish is a perfect historical fiction novel to round out our studies. I'm looking forward to reading the other stories in the series Sarah's Promise and Sarah's Escape.

Sarah's Web- the official website of the Sarah Books by Jim Baumgardner

There is a homeschooler's section on the website where you can visit with other homeschoolers who have used the books in their school.

From the links section of the website you can find links to things like information about the Underground Railroad, Kansas History, and Pioneer Life.

Cost: Sarah's Wish $9.99 on the author's website and there is free shipping there! Plus, you'll get a lovely autographed copy of the book (mine even came with my name in it...how kinda cool is that?)

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