Friday, October 16, 2009

Nature Study- Fall

Making leaf prints with ink- at The Handbook of Nature Study blog. Barb does a fantastic job of sharing her family's nature studies with us and her sidebar is just chock full of challenges for your family. I so enjoy her approach to nature study and enjoy it with my kids as often as I can remember!

Outdoor Hour Challenges- Fall Series This is a great place to see all the autumn Outdoor Hour Challenges in one place with some additional information. Barb based her whole blog and her challenges on the book below. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock.

Crop Plants Pumpkin Time- a study of pumpkins by making a pumpkin pie! I'm excited to use our very own pumpkin patch for this purpose.

FIAR Nature Study Series- the fall study is my very favorite! Jane Claire Lambert pulls out all the stops on this study which incorporates nature with art, poetry, science, and music. I love pulling this out each year.

I helped the kids collect some leaves last week after a beautiful sunny afternoon at the orchard. The plan is to use some of the leaves for the inking project and the others for a different project.

We just finished adding our garden pictures to our nature journals the other day- sort of a visual recording of how garden grew this season. It's time to harvest our pumpkins. We had a heavy frost the other day and woke up to 2 inches of snow this morning! The plants are no longer alive so the pumpkins will be moved and hopefully we'll see them turn orange by Halloween.

There are plenty of autumn activities out here in the internet world. Next, I'll give some resources for apple themed lessons and fall book choices.

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MrsMomma said...

I love the inking project! Thanks for sharing!

My dd had to wait almost an entire month before Inkdeath came in. She just about didn't make it! lol My kids seem to have similar taste as yours when it comes to books.

(another one!)