Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nashville Here I Come!

The MOPS International Convention begins this week and I'm heading out this afternoon. I'm excited to work the convention with other MOPS Field Leaders as we serve the local Steering Team members that are coming to convention for leadership training. As Area Coordinator for NY State, Zone 15 of MOPS Int'l (the pinnacle of my volunteer career), I get to do a few fun things this year and I'm excited to share our time in Nashville with folks back home! I'll be hearing Margaret Feinberg (hopefully there won't be audio issues because it's my job to deal with them while she speaks!), escorting the authors of Kid Concoctions to their seminar room, and greeting lots of women who come in the door for general sessions. Matt Redman and Plumb will be there to help us with worship and to give a concert. Ken Davis is sure to make us laugh!

This year's MOPS theme is Together on Planet Mom. Our theme Bible verse is Matthew 18:20- "Where two or three come together...there I am with them."
Local groups will be talking about not doing mothering alone but instead being in community with one another. If you have a child ages 0 through Kindergarten age, visit www.mops.org to find a MOPS group near you! Your kids are cared for in a fun MOPPETS environment while you get to hear speakers, meet with a discussion group, and do a fun craft!

I've got my slick new Lands' End bathing suit, my laptop, my camera and lots of other goodies packed and ready to go! My roommate for the week is excited we both walk in the early morning so I'll have a gym buddy too. This is my second visit to Nashville and I have yet to see the Grand Ole Opry. Seeing as I'm not at all into the country music scene...I mean at.all. I'm ok with staying in the hotel city that is the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I hope to update you all from TN this week. I'll be home on Sunday. Imagine 4000 mamas of young children all in one place without their children!!! I'm really, really looking forward to pushing my own elevator buttons. It'll be a treat. I just hope I don't have to fight for the privilege with other moms on a road trip!

Dan's got big plans for his time with the kids. They are going to be field tripping, playing games, and he has a few other surprises up his sleeves. He'll be navigating the soccer schedule and keeping the gear clean between games and practices. I've left him a stocked pantry and a list of things he has on hand to make and what meals they go with. Left him plenty of chocolate too. He's a pro. Wish him luck!

So, here's a shout out to all the MOPS moms out there! See you in Nashville!


kim said...

Have fun Heather! I've never been to Nashville...Will we get another update on the life of a homeschooling Dad?

Anonymous said...

I second the request for a "Dan post". He lends an air of sarcasm that I can appreciate.


ps. Have fun Heather. Push some elevator buttons for me!