Saturday, September 5, 2009

Living Math Blog Carnival- My Personal Edition!

Pumpkin Patch Living Math- Kendra has some fun things going on in her living math program. She and I have broken away from more traditional math at about the same time. I've enjoyed watching what she does.

15 Homemade Math Manipulatives- Amy Bayliss from Heart of the Matter shares 15 items that are easy to use for math manipulatives.

Let's Play Math- I like some of the great posts in her sidebar like "20 Things to do with a Hundreds Chart.

Homeschool Math Blog- If nothing else check out this blog's blog roll. You can find some gems there. Maria is the author of the Mammoth Math Series.

Jimmie's Collage Living Math- Jimmie does some fun stuff with her daughter Sprite.

Math Notebooking- Jimmie's really nice page on math notebooking. I'll be visiting this to help with our math journals.

Mathwire- this is a fun site to poke around. I like the morning meeting information myself. I've been working on a morning meeting time which I'll be posting about soon. Also a lot of fun games in here. Make sure to visit!

Grocery Math- I don't remember how I found this site, but this is a great grocery math page.

Teach Mama- has some fun preschool math posts. Just hit her math category when you get to her front page.

ABC and 123- has some math posts that are worth looking at for young children

Living Math- this site has a full program for you to use. Definitely worth a visit or many visits to get a handle on what living math is like.


Tracey said...

I guess I will be spending a lot of time checking out all of these. Thanks for posting them.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the links! Looks like some great stuff! This is my "teaching math" semester, so I'm on the lookout for cool ideas!

Amy said...

Thanks for all the great links, Heather! We're using Right Start Math for K, and so far it's a winner, but I want to incorporate some non-curricular (?) ideas as well into our day. I love the idea of a math notebook, and in fact, we have our first page for ours.