Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Garden at Summer's End

So, here's a parting shot of our first garden...

Ok so we had lots of pumpkin flowers and I saw lots of bees and we got two pumpkins which both fell off the vine prematurely. So Jana...apparently I can't grow a pumpkin.

Cherry that's what kind they were (the kids planted them at a garden party and I never saw the package). I kept waiting for them to grow bigger. The plant started out so healthy and I wonder if it ended up with the blight. Or is this what they always look like at season's end?

Hands down the best plants in the garden! I plan to save the seeds from some of these flowers to plant in the spring.
We did not get peppers or peas, but we are not too discouraged. We learned a few things and next year we'll start planning in January and planting seeds in March. I may go for a new location that gets more sun. Of course, discussions have already begun with the groundskeeper and I'm not sure what a new space will look like. We have plenty of yard for a good garden, but in the end we may be container gardeners until our skill shows up and the groundskeeper is a believer.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you don't get to quit after one, single, solitary pumpkin season. Please.

I'd never thought I'd have to say this to you but, "Nobody like a quitter."

There is next year. Show those kids you're willing to learn,