Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oceans and Nim (cont.)

We are still dabbling in our Nim's Island unit...interruptions like camping trips and summer have slowed us down. We aren't giving up however, and things will be picking up very soon. Very soon. Because yesterday was the first day of official, real deal school around here. Pipe down out there concerned friends and family...the kids have been on summer routine since the first week of June and if we want to keep any semblance of our favorite form of the school calendar, then we need to get going. Yes, it's still summer but we are all about the fun this time of year and we start the year with the perfect summer unit. Oceans.

Night of the Moonjellies is our favorite Five in a Row book of all time. We row it every year as we work through the Oceans Study from Amanda Bennett. This year we are studying Nim's Island while we explore more about oceans and do our favorite visit with Night of the Moonjellies.

Our all time favorite and actually the first one we ever did row! See our previous studies too.

Suggested in the FIAR manual as a great add on for older students, we have used parts of this in the past and will pick up where we left off last summer. Just adding the layers of ocean knowledge on folks.

Some things on tap for us over the next few weeks:

There is so much more, but I will save those for future posts on our study of Nim's Island and Oceanography.

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Tracey said...

We also read NOTMJ and we are currently using the Amanda Bennett Oceans study. Your ideas are great. Keep up the good work.