Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping the Home in Homeschool

I mentioned recently I would speak more about being home to school and today my post over at Heart of the Matter Online is up.

Keeping the Home in Homeschool Go check it out!


Tracey said...

Good article!

Anonymous said...

I agree that doing to much outside the home can be easy to do. My first two years we were always on the go. Last year I cut back and our homeschool was more enjoyable. This fall I have cut back even more and our activies actually happend after normal school hours so our days are filled with just us. My oldest loves not going here and there unlike the youngest who seems to be a queen social bee at the moment.

Kim said...

Great article! Mine are still young. Only one even old enough to participate in most things. And I still have to say no to lots of things!