Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finished Islands

I wanted to make sure and show off the finished Nim's Island salt dough maps. We painted them outside on our deck and since we had a neighbor join us I just gave her some paper to paint with. Hey did you notice? I found something I could do with the lids to those 48 workboxes...paint palettes.




J4's - that's one CrAzY island!
There you have it. A finished product. These are always a nice time. Soon I will share the salt dough recipe and some other salt dough resources.

For now...we are off to our last planned camping trip of the season (though you never know when the perfect weekend will pop up to just take off). I'll be back to the blogging world on Sunday!


Beth said...

That is a cool project!

I just started homeschooling my oldest ds (4) for prek, and I enjoy reading your blog so much and am getting some great ideas, thank you for sharing them!

Kylie said...

They look fabulous!

Tracey said...

Looks great!