Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekly Workbox: Another Summer Edition

What's on tap for this week? We have a lot in store for our study of Nim's Island:

  • construct a wind vane (to determine wind direction)
  • time in our garden journals
  • island logs (for Nim's Island live class)
  • jeans to skirt project
  • Reading Made Easy practice sheets from the new CD
  • dot painting letters for the coconut tree- which I think will begin a tie in to Nim's Island
  • map Nim's Island- possibly a salt dough map which was a real hit the last time we did it.
  • independent study item on oceans/islands for E10
  • shark swimathon math and two digit addition practice
  • weather station meeting
Some of these will need their own explanations so this should be a fun blogging week. Join Kendra's Workbox Meme and let us know what's up in your school this week!

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Anonymous said...

We have two of those Mathstart books--multiplication (Too Many Kangaroo Things To Do)and division (Divide and Ride). They are great.