Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Nature Boy

On J4's birthday we took a field trip to a local park. J4 had been asking to throw rocks into the water (ever since the day he took some rocks in the water bottle). So, we went to the lake to skip rocks. Of course. R9 and I-7 finally got the hang of it after I gave them some tips on technique. I loooovvvee to skip stones. I may have broken a personal record. I'm hoping to visit the local parks at least once a week this season.

This little bird kept on chirping close to us. I tracked him down for a photo op. What kind is he? He reminds of a sandpiper the way he runs on the ground, but I don't think so...

I stocked up J4's art box with double sided Crayola markers and these color sticks by Crayola that are a lot like the one that comes at the end of the Prismacolor box and he loves that thing.

A new play dough set- it has sand textured play dough in it which we both believe is nasty. I particularly like making the sea anemone.

A new tool set- pretty cool. He can correctly identify a phillips and flat head screwdriver, alan wrenches, ball drives, and he can use them. He loves it. I found it at Target in their "upscale" toy aisle. You know the one I'm talking about.

Today's party was a nature party. J4 requested a "funny tree" cake just like last year. His cake had a pine tree on it- I made another ice cream cake which turned out so nicely! These are the treat bags- a few small cans of play dough and a little nature journal and a tootsie pop.

J4 loves trees. He correctly identified a cottonwood at the park the other day. This is another of his gifts.


School for Us said...

I love that your son wanted a nature theme for his birthday. :-) Identifying trees is something I keep putting off...I might have to buy a tree fandex like your son got and get started!

Gail said...

Fun! I always enjoy your posts and learning ideas!You always give me great ideas for my little guy!

BTW - I think your bird is a Killdeer. Being on a rocky shore area - perfect for it's nest.

Heather said...

Thanks Gail! I think you're right! Well it sure looks like one anyway. I didn't know we had those around here.