Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday R!!

It is official. R8 is now R9! She was born 9 years ago today at 7:32 am. Remember it like it was yesterday...we'd been here in NY for three months when she was born. Our parents graciously came and helped out before and after she was born.

What a delight she is! She loves so many things and has a gentle spirit. She's outspoken and makes a friend everywhere she goes.

We celebrated today by getting some beads and a bead box to hold her vast collection. She loves to sort so we got her a tackle type art box which is perfect. Especially since it was half price. Felicity has her riding dress just in time for the online CurrClick class~Felicity's book club. (if you have not seen the live classes over at CurrClick get on over there and check them out!) Her big gift is an art center for her room. Think wood cubes holding up a formica desk top and art strips above it on the wall so we can clip up her creations. Dan has been working diligently on this project which will be done in the next few days.

We had her favorite strawberry shortcake and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday!

It's true what they say...they grow up FAST! So don't blink. R9 we love you!!

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