Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday J!

Would you believe we have another birthday boy today?! J is now 4 years old!! His party is this weekend (yes, we have separate parties), but he started his day with a new Cornell shirt and a swing on our new disk swing. Dan put it up last night for the boys' birthdays and there is much excitement in the air!

This morning at 10 am - right after breakfast they hit the swing.

He loves his first shirt which will be too small by the end of the summer I'm sure. It says, "Child Scientist Cornell Psychology" I let him participate in a speech-language study on babies (despite ignoring their pleas for years) and we got that shirt for playing along. You can't see the big grin in this picture, but I can assure you. It is there!
J4 is our strongest willed child. He loves his blankets and has recently moved in with his brothers. He has the most winning smile and there is always a sparkle of mischief in it. He is pretty determined and likes to be independent doing things his way. The other day he was putting rocks into an empty water bottle. We were leaving for errands. I told him to leave the bottle here and he insisted on taking it. What does this mom of four who has things under control most of the time do? I asked him where the lid was and I put it on. Fine we'll take the rocks, but we are putting the lid on and you are NOT taking them out in the car! All around town rocks shaken in a plastic bottle could be heard. He's happy. I didn't totally cave. We move on with our day. His personality keeps us on our toes and teaches us humility. That is for sure.

We love you J4!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. J! Glad to see your new t-shirt! Now everyone else will want one, too! :o)