Monday, May 18, 2009

World Exploration Continues...

Well all this talk about gardening probably has you wondering what happened to our Explorers unit! Here is the update you've all been waiting for...

Using the Evan Moor North American Explorers History Pockets we listed items we would take on a ship voyage to the new world. There were some restrictions as to how much of everything you could bring. This was a fun exercise on just how much of one's stuff could fit on a ship.

We've done a lot of mapping...a lot. We've learned about the physical geography of South America and how it contributes to the difficult sailing around the southern tip.

Remember the captain's logs? E10 has done a really nice job keeping his up to date in a creative way. It's fun to read his entries as they related to the explorers we are studying for the day.

Did I mention the maps?

We've also been writing adventure stories to go along with our world exploration. At least count E10 had written about 27 chapters of his tale. It starts out quite good and I keep conferencing him about when it will be finished. When it's done and published I will share pictures and passages. You won't be disappointed. Below is one page in the old notebook. There are many pages in a new notebook used up already.

R8's story is one of seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. She is quick with ideas and not so willing when it comes to providing details. She tends to the leave the reader hanging far too often. We're working on that.

The beginnings of a review game. This week we are studying pirates which will be fun I'm sure and it will give us a chance to talk about present day pirates and current news.

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Lynn said...

Heather, that looks amazing! Thank you for always sharing such fabulous pictures. Honestly, I can't wait for our conference and for some summertime rest to put together our units for next year.