Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little House

This post begins a series of posts on what themes you can use for the Adventure Box. You can find more ideas in the side bar category Adventure Box Themes. I hope this proves helpful to you!

What little girl doesn't like Little House? The stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder make a wonderful Summer Adventure! We use these for regular school units as well. You can see our first three units in the left hand side bar close to the bottom. Our next study will be On the Banks of Plum Creek. Below are some resources you can use to have fun with the books. There are no shortages of Little House ideas that is for sure. This is a fabulous read aloud series that will have you and your kids laughing. Dan and I enjoy it because kids haven't changed all that much through the years and we can see a lot of this happening in our own kids or in what we did as kids! And just in case you are wondering...boys love little house just as much as girls. Farmer Boy is a favorite here, but there is plenty of action in the other titles as well.

This is a unit study written based on the Little House series. Worth it as a resource to have on your shelf- The Prairie Primer.

Fun Book with ideas for making pioneer crafts

Of course you have to include all the food! We had a great time making recipes from the World of Little House too...a lot of work with molasses. I'm just sayin'.
Extra source for learning about Laura and her family

When we had our Pioneer Crafts class at co-op it was fun to listen to music as we worked.

Information about each place the Ingalls family lived as well as Laura and Almonzo once they were married. There are some really nice pictures in here.

Paper Dolls for playing out the Big Woods story

This guide book shows each Little House today and how and when to visit- basically a tour guide book. We have yet to make up to Malone, NY where Farmer Boy takes place. Soon....

There are picture book versions of chapters out of Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, and Farmer Boy. Our kids really enjoy these even still.
If your kids really enjoy this series, they might enjoy the stories about Rose- Laura's daughter and the stories about her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (Caroline, Charlotte, and Martha). We are collectors and enjoy all the stories.


Amy said...

My girls, ages 3 and 5, are HUGE FANS of LIW. In fact, we listen to at least part of one of the audiobooks every day. We are currently reading LHOTP together, too.

We have several of these resources, but if they don't burn themselves out on it, I'm sure I'll be referring back to this post in the future. : ) Thanks!

Oh, I blogged about their obsession, too--->

Heather said...

Oooohhhh audio books. They sound like fun!

stevesmith said...

Nice collection of books...I like it..Thanks for sharing this blog..

Rcj176 said...

I am working on getting curriculum together for this summer and next year. We will do year round. I came across Little House Social Studies Curriculum Guide. Any experience with this unit study?