Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Trip: 1890 One Room Schoolhouse

This field trip is always a fun one. Two of the kids went last year and two again this year, but not the same two. This year R8 and I-6 joined in the old time fun. I-6 got to help raise the flag and he is still talking about the quill pen with the ink he got to use.

The school day lasts from 9:30 to 1:30 pm. The kids bring lunch and some of the parents stay as chaperons. I have not had the pleasure of going because J3 is too young. To get ready for the day, the kids are asked to dress in period clothing and bring a lunch that is like what kids would have had at that time. I-6 was all about pretending to be Almanzo from Farmer Boy going to his first day of school. Of course this school dates to much later.

They get to hand pump their water, use an outhouse, and do the lessons that a child in rural America in 1890 would have done. In Little House time this would have been after Laura and Almanzo were married and a few years before they moved with Rose to Missouri. We are reading Little House on Rocky Ridge right now so this school began just two years before the Wilders left for Missouri.

At recess the kids get to play old fashioned games.

Our pioneer children!
Already they are talking about next year's school day at the one-room school house. I'm just excited that this year the weather was pleasant. Last year it was crazy hot here and there were severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings- very unusual for central NY. We will be doing various units from the Prairie Primer this next school year so hopefully the experience will still be available.


Jennifer said...

Very cool Heather!! What an experience.

Amy said...

I've been lurking here for a while and wanted to finally introduce myself. My name is Amy and I blog at Hope Is the Word. I am a beginning homeschool mom, and I have found lots of inspiration here, especially in your BFIAR and FIAR posts.

I'll be back! : )

(Love the field trip pics, too, btw!)

Heather said...

Welcome Amy!