Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Math Stuff

I forgot this picture when I did my other math for the boxes post. We've got fraction tiles, wrap ups, and lots of money cards/games. I'm inclined to give them a real pile of change and let them figure out cost and count money as well. One of my favorite things at our house is our cash register. Let's see if I can come up with a picture...I left my camera at the science fair last night (no worries, it's in a locked office now waiting for me) so I'll need to improvise.

Woohoo! Grabbed it from my very own blog! This one is by Learning Resources and I bought it Discount School Supply.
We use this cash register a bunch. It goes with all of our dress up centers just about. Have I ever mentioned those? We have commonly used dress up in theme bags hanging from hooks, but some go with the other props used for pretend play. Here's a few that go with cash registers.

Centers with props:
  • restaurant- aprons, small clipboards, take out menus or home made ones, chef hat, order pads
  • hairdresser- smock for the hairdresser, hair care pretend stuff including one for girls and a barber kit for guy care, appt cards, price list
  • grocery store- empty cardboard boxes of groceries, sale tags, grocery lists
  • doctor- scrubs, lab coat, doctor kit, appt cards
The written part of the props come from the book 15 Instant & Irresistable Learning Centers that Build Early Reading and Writing Skills. Fabulous little book I picked up at a Scholastic Warehouse Sale years ago.

Here's a picture. I also found that it is available at CurrClick. Shop away girls!

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