Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some More Math Options...

Here are a few more math ideas for the workboxes.

We have dinosaur pattern cards and lacing hands. The lacing hands are cool because you can count the fingers and they match the number on the hand and the number of holes in it. The dinosaurs were a Scholastic book order deal and the lacing hands come from Discount School Supply.

Some math games and cards- addition/subtraction bingo, flashcards, and Tri-Ominos. Remember Tri-Ominos? I picked them at our consignment shop. Love a great homeschooling deal.

Hundred Boards and number tiles and chips. I plan to write numbers on the chips so they can do problems with the chips. I have a book of activities for the hundred board as well. Those have been a fun diversion in the workboxes.

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