Monday, March 2, 2009

New York State Conservation for Kids!

Well thanks to my pal Cindy, I have made a new discovery that must be shared with my blogging audience. I know most of you are not in NY State, but I urge you to check your own Department of Natural Resources to see if they have something similar. I have looked for this type thing in the past on our DEC web site, but didn't find it back then. I was able to download some posters though. Looks like I should have checked back!!

If you visit the homepage, you can get to lots of places that give you resources to use with your kids.

Here are some of the highlights of my little trip around the site this morning...

  • Waterway Wildlife- great pictures and information on animals found on NY's waterways.

  • Spotlight on the Hudson has information about the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's exploration of the Hudson River which of course bears his name. This is especially exciting as we are about to embark on an exploration unit.
The web site has downloadable pdfs of each of the issues. How cool is that? Citizens of NY State pay absurdly high taxes and I love it when I see a perk like this. This is second only to the massive propane tanks sitting outside the bathhouses of our favorite campgrounds. A hot shower, no matter how many are taking them, while camping should never be underestimated!!

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Saille said...

That looks fantastic! As someone who *is* in NY, thanks!

Is there anything good going on for Global Youth Service Day or Earth Day where you are? I'm in the process of helping to publicize the Utica Marsh Clean Up.