Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More on the American Revolution

Last week was our final week with Betsy Ross. We focused on the American Revolution and studied people and events leading up to and at the start of the war. We kicked off the week by watching Felicity- An American Girl Movie. It was a great tie in to how families were torn by the war. Once again this unit was a huge hit!

R8 works on her map of Old Boston
It has pop up features- very cool

We talked about Continental vs. British soldiers

The kids had fun playing the Liberty Kids computer game we've had for a while. In fact, they are still playing it this week.
You can even download it for free- from here. I hope it works. There a few other fun pieces of software on that site!


Deanna said...

Nope, the link didn't work for me. :~(

Heather said...

Well the link works Deanna. Does that mean that the download did not?

Just checking...

School for Us said...

Thanks for the tip about the computer game. I just ordered my daughter the set of Liberty Kids videos and hope to have them in a week or so. Did you know they offer 5 of the videos free online?