Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life of An Explorer- Day 2

Thursday last week we spent a second day getting to know what it was like to live like an explorer. There were squeals of glee as we prepared our ship's log for our journey. Exclamations at how cool it is to be homeschooled. Gotta love those days.

Beginning the tea bath. Special tea had to be imported for the job. (we are not tea or coffee drinkers. Ew.)

The start of the paper brigade. This is supposed to make the paper look aged. Really.

I suppose I could have used a drying rack. Ahem.

I could have put the rack on the deck too. I wonder why I never thought of that. However, while out here I got to hear our resident red-tailed hawk, some red-winged black birds, and lots of other bird songs. Too bad it was like 40! Brrr...
We began to look at how the explorers viewed their world learning about the Ptolemaic map which was the accepted map at the time. It showed there was more land than sea, but the sailors began to understand there was a lot more water than the map revealed.
Ship's flags were flown to tell all sorts of things. We had already read that the St. George's Cross and the Spanish Royal flag were the two most frequently seen flags on ships at the time in The Story of the World.
We continue on with our study of explorers this week. Tomorrow we'll bind up the ship's logs and build a ship.

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