Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quilting Webquest

A Webquest on Quilting and Geometry- a fun math diversion for our Betsy Ross students

The web quest task is to make a quilt square that has two or three shapes and has symmetry. R8 is so in to symmetry. She recently modified her poster for her 4-H talk to include checking your airplane for symmetry so it will fly well!
They got to play around with shapes and practice some symmetry

E10 planned his out according to the criteria.

I'm not sure how it was translated on to his final square...

R8 planned a border as well.

The final copy which she traced onto her paper. And of course, because blogger loves me, it turned the photo around.

This was a fun little assignment that was a great add-on for our studies. Are you all just crazy excited to do a Betsy Ross unit now or what??


School for Us said...

How NEAT!!! I've never heard of a WebQuest. I had to do a little research. There are some wonderful ideas out there! And, yes, I'm excited about doing a Betsy Ross unit - it looks like lots of fun!

Amber said...

Honestly, I am ready to do Betsy Ross, and I wasn't planning on it! Great job!

Shannon said...

Terrific quilt squares! We just finished up an American Revolution unit. I'd forgotten about Hatmaker's Sign b/c we're not doing Beyond quite yet. Maybe we'll check it out as a read aloud.

Hope all is well with you and yours!