Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, I'm in Denver.

Some of you may not know I'm an Area Coordinator for MOPS International. I take care of New York State out in the field. We have a team of 9 women who work with local leaders of groups all over the state. I have the amazing privilege of leading this team of field leaders. I love it!

This week is AC training in Denver, Colorado home of MOPS International. I arrived yesterday and will be home very late Sunday night.

I hate to fly. I've now refined this feeling to really hating small prop planes on take off. Really. Do. Not. Enjoy. This. At. All.

After arriving at the airport in Denver, I promptly found the ladies room which apparently doubles as a tornado shelter. Excellent. I bought a really yummy cup of TCBY frozen yogurt. Vanilla with chocolate jimmies. The best part besides that smooth taste was the fact that yogurt guy didn't bat an eyelash when I asked for jimmies.

Then I went down several levels of escalators to a train which actually beats the epileptic tunnel in the Detroit airport.

This morning on the way to the office, I looked up only to catch a glimpse of the snow capped Rockies. It took my breath away- well after I shouted to my carpool, "AAAHHH those are mountains!!"

It was quite a moment when I realized I'd only seen pictures of them in books. They were amazing.

Second only to the near 70 degree temps I got to experience today.

Enjoying the Rocky Mountain High....



Amber said...

My husband is from Denver. It's a gorgeous city with a gorgeous view. Enjoy your time there!!

Alana said...

Great! Now I can't get that song out of my head! Hope you are enjoying yourself!

Ronette said...

When we traveled to Vail, CO last spring, I became one with the Rockies! :-) I left part of my heart there when we had to drive away.

Next year, plan out a few hours and drive west into them. Seriously. Vail was only about an hour and a half from Denver but you get fully into the mountains before then. You won't regret it!