Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time Tales

Ok...this program was worth EVERY penny! R8 has been fighting learning her times tables. Didn't we all? I remember one long summer of manila folders in the chair rail of a certain kitchen growing up and reciting the tables before going out to play. Times Tales would have been WAY more fun. I'm just sayin'.
It's a memory device program for learning the upper times tables. Each problem is a story with the numbers being characters. Really clever!

R8 and I sat down for about 45 minutes the other day. I introduced her to the characters and read her the stories. We discussed them. I asked her questions. Then she told the stories back to me. Afterward, she did a puzzle and took a test. She's all set for the 3s and 4s. Next week we'll tackle 6-9. She is looking forward to it. Did you hear that? Looking forward to it.

Times Tales works. I'm a believer.
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Jessica said...

I have heard many great things about Times Tales - you have given one more confirmation! Thanks for mentoring the rest of us rowers! :)