Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh the Fun!

So, I've been visiting some sewing blogs out in the blogosphere and wow! I simply have to share them here.

I am totally inspired. Check them out and see if you aren't as well!

The Long Thread
- I'll tell ya right now R8 and I are making this skirt and I want one for myself say one that falls right below the knee. It just screams summer fun! And it's reversible. Mmmmm....

Sewing School- how can you go wrong with a blog named Sewing School? This skirt is on my list for R8 to make as well. I'm thinkin' Kit may see one too to match R8's.

Spool Sewing- this site, as well as a few others has some free patterns available. Did you know that aprons are back in vogue? I can't tell you how many patterns for aprons I've seen recently in my travels. Now I know I always have one on when I'm in the kitchen, but dang I didn't realize how relevant I am!

Sublime Stitching- I haven't fully explored this one yet, but the page is so visually pleasing it has to have some goodness inside!

Sew Liberated- I happened on this one a bit ago. She has a pattern shop as well. Once I began exploring last night, I knew a new blog bookmark category was in order. Amazing what you can find when you follow links.

Angry Chicken - you have to check out this woman's apron category. Seriously.

Maya Made- This lady is local to me and her projects are so nice. When I have finished putting up her Artful Organization idea I am so gonna post it!

Oliver + S has a free pattern for the lazy day skirt from the Sewing School site. Scoot on over and get it!

Sew Mama Sew
- Holly shared this with me in the comments and I had to add it. Really fun tutorials to check out.

House on Hill Road
- Actually, I've had this one in my bookmarks for a while too. However, Holly pointed out this twirly skirt and this one might have to go on the list for projects to do.

Homemade by Jill
- this fun lady makes a lot of baby items. Just recently some Sunday shoes.

Craft Pad- this one has some fun ideas and get apron!

All Buttoned Up- Nu*Uh! More Aprons..among other things.


Holly said... Here are a couple more good sewing sites! On Angry Chicken's blog she has an FOE tutorial video and I think it's pretty cute.. really shows her personality!

Heather said...

Holly I actually have House on Hill Road bookmarked already. I'll add it to my list along with Homemade by Jill.


Saille said...

I think we've been bitten by the same bug! Do you read Handmade Homeschool blog? You might like that one, as well. I downloaded that free skirt pattern last week, and bought some of the Alexander Henry apples and pears fabric with a light blue background to make a skirt for my daughter. I'll post a picture when I'm done. I've bought embroidery patterns from Sublime before...I used the tattoo alphabet to embroider some pillowcases for a wedding gift. Have you looked at the book Doodle Stitching?

Those reversible skirts are adorable. Do you buy fabric online? Where?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, I love all these sites!
Check out:
for more eye candy and inspiration! Enjoy :)

Patti from FIAR

Lynn said...

Heather! I cannot get too inspired here, because I have to work on work days and do school on school days, but I guess there's room for a little sewing fun. Princess of the Universe has been learning a little bit. She would LOVE to make a skirt.