Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Betsy Ross

Thought I'd update our study of Betsy Ross. We've been engaged in some language arts and social studies this past week. R8 has done one hand sewing project that turned out well. I'll share that next.

Betsy Ross Notebook Cover
The next two pictures are E10's work on literary point of view

Ben Franklin Fast Facts

R8's Narration on the Liberty Bell- she was given the underlined words on cards and had to form sentences with them that told me about the chapter. It had been about 3 days since we'd read it. I copied her words to me.

booklet of "First Times"


Some fast facts on Quakers

As we get into our study of Betsy Ross, we'll be discussing colonial times and the Revolutionary War. I thought I'd share some resources we'll be using.

Dinah Zike fans? The color photos in her Big Book of Social Studies give some fun ideas on how to display facts. The thematic unit on My Country will provide some early American tidbits.
These three are Scholastic resources on Colonial American and The American Revolution. $1 a piece friends. Scholastic sale and a friend who brought them to me.
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Holly said...

E10 has very nice handwriting! I can't wait to see the sewing projects.