Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miss Kitten Has Finished Her Mittens!

R8 took a little hand sewing project last week. She finished it within an hour. We followed the directions in cutting a pattern for them and cutting out the fleece. I helped her with drawing the correct sized pattern based on her hand and then she went with it.

Pinning the pattern- note her new box of pins (her next project is a hand sewn pin cushion)

cutting the fabric- this is green fleece from Amanda's Winter Kit

getting started with her running stitch- she has knowledge of several hand stitches. So fun!

sewing the rest of the mitten it didn't take long

The Finished Product- not too bad. I think she needs some work on tight, even stitches.

Betsy Ross was a fine seamstress and we've had fun trying out a few things of our own. R8 is fantastic on a sewing machine and she has an impressive knowledge of several basic hand stitches as well. I'm looking forward to some more projects.

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