Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yay Dan!

Congratulations Dan!

So Dan participated in yesterday's graduate recognition ceremony. Notice I didn't say graduation. Let's not confuse this fact. The real graduation is in May. You know...for people who know how to stay on track. Normally, I wouldn't make a big deal...but I can't help it. Though Dan and I were miles apart in the field house, we heard the same message. The president of the university got up to make his speech to the "the graduates" and proceeded to launch into a long segment about how the group of participants arrived at this point. Some of you, he said, really worked hard and finished a semester early. Some of you...and at this point he listed a myriad of reasons why someone could get off track and finish "off schedule". Translation: Whatever loser thing you did to get yourself to a December finish. Way to go. It was so blatant that I turned immediately to my company and made that quote. We all laughed. Afterward, Dan and I laughed together about it. Hilarious. Both he and I finished our undergraduate degrees in December and we finished our graduate degrees in December - 9 years apart. Of course...anything I've missed out on in life is due to the fact that I couldn't keep myself together and graduate on time! Yes. That is totally it.

Dan's family all traveled in through the snow to see the ceremony and afterward we had a day full of fun! We had lunch out together, went sled riding, had dinner out together, and ended the day with a swim at the hotel! Whew.

Check out this awesome hill. Oh we are so going back...we've been a number of places but this one was new to us and not too far from home. 100 foot drop over the length of three foot ball fields. Sweet.

Woodstove. How can it get better than this? The windchill was 5 degrees up on that hill yesterday.The warming hut. At the top of the hill. Life is good.
Dan's family is heading back home today and tomorrow. We'll see them again on Friday when we travel to see both of our families for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you. When you have a family, it takes both of you to make something like this happen.

Victor will be done in May. I can't wait for it to be over!


Sheri said...

Congratulations Dan! (And congratulations to me, it took three times to spell congratulations the right way LOL)

Lynn said...

That hill is AMAZING. I would love to sled down that, just one time. Yaaaaay for a bit of warmth at the top of the hill before the sled down and after you've hiked back up. I am assuming you had to make the long haul back up, right? :)