Friday, December 5, 2008

Sticker Book Preschool

The preschool we sent all three of our older kids to called the other day. It is a sweet little Christian preschool that is very popular. So popular that we've had J3 on the wait list since last fall- as in a year ago. Seriously. They give some priority to siblings of former students. Plus, I happened to know I needed to get him on the list that early.

Why did they call? To see if we were still planning on sending him next fall. Yes. We need to decide now.

Let's see...he knows all his letters by sight and nearly all of their sounds. He is a master cutter- loves his scissors. He participates in a MOPS preschool room with an excellent teacher. He does co-op preschool once a week two semesters a year. He reportedly uses his manners when out and about in the classroom. On the playground (and he loves a playground) he befriends even the biggest of kids. "Hi I'm _____. What is your name?"

He identifies numbers to 10 and count verbally count higher. He has turned the corner on playing games. He is a great turn taker and will play properly most games when we sit with him. He's an Uno shark, he loves his kangaroo game, he loves to build with his moon balance game, he can sit and play a fine game of Trouble. That's just to name a few.

I wonder what else is left... I'm thinking not enough to pay about $100 a month for preschool next year. Yes...$100. We recently read an article in The Washington Post online (we read everyday) about someone who thought about keeping a child home from preschool to save $1000 month. $1000 a month??? For preschool??? I wonder if they learn a different alphabet. Or something.

Letting all bragging and snarking aside, I seriously considered sending J3 next year just to fulfill our legacy at this little school. A vestige from our public school days. However, I recently learned that the teacher who was there and taught all of our other kids, has retired. So much for a legacy. I'll save the cash to buy some more sticker books!

J3 and all of our kids are true blue fans of the Usborne Farmyard Tales. Today we pulled out a sticker book that was actually from his Summer Adventure Box.

Looking for the duck is part of the excitement.
Now that he has spotted the duck, he gets to put a sticker on the page saying so...the question is, can I get more by the 25th?
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Amera said...

I know this is an old post - I really love your site! I had to comment on them WAPO story. I live in a suburb of DC and for an in demand preschool $1000 a month is normal. We pay $600 a month to send our son full time. $100 a month sounds oh so wonderful!! Keep up the good work I so love your site!