Monday, December 1, 2008

Ornaments- Five in a Row Style

Once again we are participating in the FIAR ornament exchange. Our theme this year is the book Arabella so we made the "little red boat with the wild white sail."

They are a bit past due, but we'll send them out with a family picture hopefully Tuesday. We've received quite a few so far and when we get our Christmas tree we'll put up the now traditional FIAR tree in the living room. We have some really fun reminders of some of our favorite books.
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The Organic Nest said...

That is an excellent idea! I love having extra little trees to make each room feel Christmasy :)

Anonymous said...

Love the ornaments !! I would love to see a picture of your FIAR Tree !!

Molly said...

Very nice!

Melissa said...

love the ornament, where did you get the boat? Melissa3(fiar)