Friday, November 14, 2008

Reading Games

I know I have mentioned the book Math Games by Peggy Kaye, but I finally got around to making a game from another of her books, Games for Reading. Again, if you have not seen these titles try your library and make a few. They are totally worth the approximately $12 I spent at Rainbow Resource. Trust me they are easy to make and don't take much time at all. One word of caution. After you have made a game, try not to leave it around for your resident toddler/preschooler to cut clear through when you are napping. R8 did her best to repair it. She was there when I made it and felt badly that it had been cut.

This one is called Word Ladder and so far I've made two sets of 15 cards. You put a marker on the bottom and you have 15 tries to make it 12 rungs up the ladder. If you make it before the pile is empty (which means you have to get 12 out of 15 words correct the first time), then you win!

I-6 played at least half a dozen times yesterday, eagerly seeking others to play with him or at least watch him play. Notice that I have used the Reading Made Easy visual cues on his cards. He's doing very well with his reading, but he's not quite ready to drop all the cues yet. The one above is a new sound this week. My next step is to make more word sets.

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome game! Definitely going to be putting this book on my wish list!!!

Sue S (RI)

Elinette said...

LOVE this. I will be adding this for Caleb next year. He likes RME very much but one thing he always asks me is "can we play more of the games?".

alice said...

Cool game! I have this on my list to make. I love that book too.

Jennifer said...

Love the word ladder idea! That would be great sight word practice for one of my girls.