Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Monday after our field trip, we hit the county library's semi annual book sale. I wasn't sure how much turn over they would have in books and since I'd been in April I wasn't sure we'd find much. However, we did! It was a good trip and though the sale runs several more weekends, I found what I could for this time around. We can all look forward to April now!

I found plenty of school go alongs- I really like the Let's Read and Find Out science books of which I found two I didn't have. There's an Usborne Snakes book along with Science Arts and two fun math books for R8 to read and enjoy.

Here we have some fun readers and puzzle books. A few of them are go alongs for FIAR books we love. Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp is an old favorite of ours. At .75, how could we leave it there?
E10 really hit the jackpot on Redwall books! He disappeared as soon as we got to the children's area and came up to me within a few minutes his arms full of Redwall books still needed for his collection. The Klutz Knots Book he is using this semester in his knots class at co-op. Lastly, if you ever get a chance to buy Usborne's Chess Puzzles I highly recommend it! He loves to solve them and it's great for the chess game. This particular one is out of print I'm pretty sure.

R8 made out as well! She found lots of American Girl books to add to her collection. I was particularly interested in finding the big Felicity's World type history books, but there none of those this time around. We also found a few more fun books and just one from the Rose years of the Little House books. We were on the look out for those as well. She's been reading up that whole series.
I-6 always wants super hero books and typically we find one. This time we were lucky! We've got X-men, Spiderman, and The Incredibles in reader form. There was also a Klutz book on drawing superheros. He was walking on a cloud!

The kids used their spending money for their own books and of course I can never leave behind a Five in a Row book. If you don't have any of these, let me know.
The kids were patient and I think we found all we could find this time. Some time they will pull out those old Cobblestone history magazines. I just know it. I found one issue on Columbus in April and haven't seen any more. What gives?


Jen said...

Awesome! Our sale is next weekend and I can't wait!

I don't have The Bee Tree, A New Coat for Anna, or Play With Me, so if you're gonna have a drawing, sign me up! : )

Anonymous said...

ooh!!! I hope that i fair as well as you did!! Our sale is in about 10 days or so...and i signed up to volunteer at it, so i hope that i get the chance to advance shop!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Bee Tree!! :) I think that's the only one from your pile I don't have. What a great day you had at the library sale! Yay for used book sales!!

deleise said...

Wow, good job! I don't have Ferdinand...you sellin'?

Tina said...

Great finds !!!

I don't have Bee Tree or a new coat for Anna. I would love to purchase them from you if you are selling.

Tina B on FIAR boards

Jenny said...

Wow! Great books. Don't you just love it when you find what you're hoping for. I love your blog and all your FIAR helps. I've loved FIAR for many years and enjoy Charlotte Mason style teaching. Your blog is an inspiration, thanks for all your hard work and sharing your family :)