Monday, September 15, 2008

The Grasshopper Game

This year I acquired two of Peggy Kaye's learning games books. One of them is Games for Math. It's a great book full of some hands on activities for math. It is an excellent compliment to our Horizons math program for our kinesthetic R8. (don't ask what's up with the underlining. I am having trouble with blogger not letting me post text above my top picture and when I fiddle with it, this is what happens...bear with me I don't have the time to get rid of it)

Our participants are ready for the start of the Grasshopper Game
The playing field

The idea is to hop to the number based on the number sentence I give you to complete. R8 did some multiplication (can you believe she is a third grader already??) I-6 did some addition and subtraction to practice his first grade math.

When J3 wandered in, he couldn't be left out so he got to identify numbers. You know he can pretty well read numbers 1 to 10. Not bad for a 3 yr old!


Amber said...

The game looks fun! {my post this morning was all wonky, too! ugh.}

Anonymous said...

I love me some Peggy Kaye. I use Games for Reading a bunch around here. Looks like I might need to see about her math book.

Anonymous said...

Uh, the previous post--that would be me. Here let me actually sign my name.

Jana in SoCal

danielle-laryn said...

this one looks good too! thanks for the tip about bananagrams you sent! I will look into that! Where could i find it? I love all your ideas; they are super inspirational!!

Heather said...

Danielle- you can find Bananagrams at AC Moore. Do you have one near you? They might be an east coast store.

We've been enjoying our super deluxe scrabble over here.

Shannon said...

We love this book! Which other Peggy Kaye one did you get? Just curious if it's as much fun as the math.

Heather said...

Shannon we have the Reading Games book.

I'm working on my first game from there right now. I'll be sure to blog about it when we've played it.