Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation Family Fun...

We are back from our first camping trip of the season. I is August already, but it's not like we haven't gone anywhere this summer. We visited our favorite campground on Lake Ontario and it was not a disappointment!

We love the playground which sits atop a tree-ed hill overlooking the lake and the adjacent bay. We love the bike paths, the beaches, the camp sites and the clean bathrooms!

Mosquitoes are probably the only negative thing we can say about this park and they like I-6 the best. He had to get oral Benadryl to conquer the crazy systemic reaction he had to the numerous bites he received. The rest of us (R-8 and I particularly) have to partake of the topical Benadryl several times a day!

The Cherry Bomb at the ready

Dan got a new stunt kite for his birthday last September and we had a fun time taking it out for a fly at the beach yesterday late afternoon. The wind was pretty fierce forcing him to hold on extra tight!

He carved out a spot on the beach among the other kites and started chasing the kids with it and having a blast.

Let's just say that the "kiss the water" stunt was not successful and after rescuing the bomb from the water he flew it some more to dry it off. Ultimately it required an extra rinse and dry to remove the sand.

We discovered this park three years ago and we love to go every year. This year we camped with friends and the bonus is we get to go back at Labor Day weekend. We got some of the last good sites all in a row for summer's last hurrah. We'll be starting school next week with Night of the Moonjellies (a tradition) and the kids found some "sea glass" on the beach. Last summer we took them to the ocean and they quickly declared they do not like the ocean beaches! What?! Clearly we've been here too long. Our kids are Great Lakes kids. What is happening???!! (as Maryland natives. we are more the estuary/ocean set)

We have possibly one more planned but it will be a local venue in the fall. Lots of family memories are made camping each summer.

Stay tuned for some nature posts- we took all the stuff and had a great time observing all kinds of things.

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