Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Preschool Planning Page

While I'm on the topic of planners and planning pages, I thought I'd give a closer look at the planning page that I made for J3. This one is modified from an older one which included all the days of the week and a rainy day row.

On the left is a column for the activities we will do whether it be Before Five in a Row related or just a preschool craft or skill of some sort. On the right is a box for reminding me what I need to prepare ahead of time in order for the activities to happen.

So, many times our best thought up plans get set aside for the immediate. Small children do not wait patiently for mom to get her act together and get the paints out or cut out small pieces for gluing. All too fast the moment for cooperation can pass. You have to stand at the ready for those moments and try to structure them in on occasion.

If I can register and figure out how to create a profile on a site that allows me to share this page. I certainly will do that! I just need my administrative assistant/IT guy take care of converting it to a pdf file for me.

Can't see it well enough? Click on it and it will be larger than life (as I just found out...)

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Amber said...

LOVE IT!! This is just what I need for my 4yo!! :)

Lifesong... said...

Larger than life is right! LOL!

Can I ask, how do you have more time in your day than I do??! You are fabulous!

Amanda Williams said...

Thank you so much, Heather!
I will definitely be using this. :) PERFECT!

Amanda Williams (FIAR Boards)