Saturday, June 14, 2008

Watercolor Tutorial and other FUN Art Stuff!

Ok, well it's Saturday and I've had a little time to poke around and follow some links today. I thought I'd share a few.

I suppose I should start from the beginning. So, I'll go with Sketch Tuesday first. The same mom- Harmony Art Mom who hosts The Outdoor Hour is hosting Sketch Tuesday. I've run across some other families participating and I think we'll try it out. The links are here and in my left sidebar. Each week she gives her readers an assignment based on an art subject or technique. The idea is do the assigned drawings and send pictures of the final product to her. She shares the results on her blog- you guessed it Tuesdays are the turn over days.


Today she has up a link to a watercolor tutorial over at Hearts and Trees . I enjoyed reading technique #3 and going backward to tutorial #s 1 and 2. I will definitely do these with the kids this week . She also has a terrific looking summer kit that would be fun to order...if my van didn't require so much of us lately.


Dawne said...

Heather, I have a request! :)

If you wouldn't mind, that is, and when you get time (what's that - lol). I would love to *see* step by step, exactly how you do your dictation (I prefer to do this too, rather than a grammar textbook - yuck) but could use some help by seeing it fleshed out, would you mind? Is there a regular skeleton plan you do each week? Do you do copywork of the passage and then dictation the next day or?
Also how do you decide which part of speech you'll focus on that week, or do you dissect the whole thing or ?

Sorry for all the jumbled questions. :)

Edwena said...

I love the Hearts and Trees blog. She has some cool downloadables for nature walks with the season. My dc loved it and so did I as it was organized.