Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday I-6!!

Yes, it's true...another birthday at our house already. I-5 was born June 7, 2002 nearly two years to the day after R8. At that point we had three children 3 and under. E9 was a little over 3 and a half when I-6 was born. How's that for CrAzY?! We have enjoyed every moment of his time with us. He is a boy's boy and loves all things- well- BOY!! Today we had his party at a local science center with pizza and cake at the park. Although it was way too hot to be outdoors today, a good time was had by all. This was the third superhero themed party for I-6. You just can't keep a good boy down, can you?

I-6 brings laughter to our house every day. He is kind hearted and loves adventure, but is somewhat cautious. He's overcome some severe speech issues and has a winning smile. He's reading well and loves his math and has the distinction of being our only leftie. He's also inherited his father's innate ability to play video games. He's put us all on notice that he is saving his money for the new Batman LEGO video game due out in September. He's already good for it, but must wait so long!!

I-6 we love you!

The cake- chocolate with chocolate icing so that Gotham City could call for Batman in the night. Cake art by Dan. Cake art idea by Heather.

Personality #1- Darth Vader (you should have heard the awesome breathing that accompanied this outfit)

Personality #2- Pensive Jedi (with a little Batman thrown in)
Personality #3- Batman!! (he wears a most conspicuous grin when he wears this one so I reminded him that Batman is kinda morose in the movies- so put on the serious, would ya?)

Personality #4- Superman! We even have a few shots with the fan blowing the cape- yeah we did.

Personality #5- any superhero he wants to be

Back of Personality #5- Grandma made these for both little boys and it is a hit (do not be discouraged by all the other personalities...I-6 has already formed some new heroes who need this cape)
In addition to all super hero fashions, I-6 received some cool Spy Gear to use as Batman gadgetry. Every super hero needs a spy pen with various accessories and a watch that can tell world time and sound the alarm while providing night vision. Yeah- this stuff is that cool.


Sheri said...

that cake is so cute! Happy birthday I6!!

Sheri said...

Oh and wait...wha? No Hulk?! (Sorry, we have Spidey, Superman, Batman and the HULK!!! around here)

About the card binder: You can BET I'll wait until I have a stack to bind. No way am I preparing the notebooks ahead of time. Surely I'd want to add or remove something!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, I-6!!

Your dh said...

What, no pictures of the evil villain Hook Man?

Heather said...

I wasn't there when he appeared...sorry!