Friday, May 16, 2008

Sarah, Plain and Tall Update

Along with rocks and minerals, E9 has been diving into birds of prey, the states of Maine and Kansas, prairie habitat and rocky coast marine habitats. These are some notebook pages from chapters 1-4. We will do chapters 5-9 today and next week and that'll do it for our official school year. E9 will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills on the 28th adn 29th of this month. Then it's on to summer schedule. Our adventure boxes are almost complete and I'm excited to post about it soon.

Birds of Prey and some prairie notebook entries
Maine- political map and a map of resources along with some sea notebook entries (thank you to my MOPS friend Gabby for her resources on Sarah, Plain and Tall)
Kansas and Kansas resource map along with a mini book on rock types- see post below for more rock and mineral investigations
Some facts about whales and seals (I even pulled out an old sorting game I made on whales/dolphins/sharks for E9 to do again- that was a flashback to his first semester at home when we did studies on the Magic Treehouse series of books back in first grade!), some experimenting with blues and greens- the color of the sea, and finally more sea notebook entries
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