Friday, May 2, 2008

J2's Big Day

What an amazing day J2 had! He did his first potty move IN the potty yesterday!!!!! He had done some in his diaper and as I was changing him realized he wasn't done so I asked if he'd like to try potty and he said, "Yes!". He put it right in there! What a guy! And if you ever get a chance to talk to him about it he will tell you right out that it was pretzel shaped and I have to say it was an exact replica! Now just to convince him it won't always be that way. If you think this topic is gross, be thankful I resisted the urge to take a picture for the blog. So, I guess we are off and running, but while I was searching for the potty rendition we have (ours are about 8 yrs old now so you know this is the closet we can get- the newer model of the blue ones we have. It flushes and plays the row row row your boat tune), I came across another product for boys that I'm still marveling over and trying to decide if I'd actually want one of these in my house. See for yourself!

For real? Can you imagine, even for a second, having one of these in your bathroom? Even worse is the name, "Peter Potty". With 3 boys, well technically 4, in the house I just don't think so! I need that stuff to go only where it can easily move on and seriously I had no idea little boys could be so distracted during this activity. I do suppose it might beat the toilet targets which Dan says are bad news as it only encourages poor behavior! I'll take his word for it. No floating targets for the boys.

In other news, J2 has been begging to take a shower like the big kids do and Dan let him have the chance last night. Water flying in his face, he reportedly backed up and giggled with delight that he was "in the shower". Apparently, he helped to soap up and maybe he'll be a pro in no time. I don't know if this means he's a convert or not, but somehow I think J2 will miss the bath play if he never gets to have one.

So, there you have it. J2 is on his way. Don't worry Nanny, maybe the next time you see him he'll be the proud wearer of underwear!


Your dh said...

What about our lives will you NOT blog?

Alana - The Mommy said...


YAY for J2! My J2 is trying things out in the big potty with his Blue's Clues insert.

That urinal is too much. :eyeroll:

Anonymous said...

Dan is killing me!

Jana in SoCal