Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's Stop at the Consignment Shop

Like my blogging friend Lynn, I stop at thrift stores now and then...well not exactly totally thrifty...more like a consignment shop. I've been able to sell just about all of our baby stuff in there and made nearly $400 over the last 8 months. Sometimes I take the cash and sometimes I take it in store credit. Sorta depends on how much cash we're talking. Today I sold six or so dresses and made $12 in credit which I promptly spent!

What a find! R7 is tall or long or something because she is forever taller than her shirts. These are super! The two striped ones are Lands End and the pink on is Gap. Can't go wrong there...

Gotta love the green Gap capris! They'll go nicely with the pink shirt or the blue and green shirt above. The other is an Old Navy hoodie dress.

Finally we have a lovely selection of dresses to replace some of the ones I sold today. The pink is a two piece Gap outfit and the denim skirt is Old Navy. R7 loves a long denim skirt. She has one that is her favorite and it has the adjustable waist which is a must! Long dresses and skirts are the thing for her. She is not into the maintenance of any skirt...translation- the longer the skirt, the less she has to pay attention to being ladylike. Hey- when I was that age anything I wasn't able to do a cartwheel in was a no go! So, I completely understand. And of course we have the requisite seasonal watermelon dress. This one is sort of a linen material with big cloth covered buttons on the back. I'm thinkin' she'll need that pair of mary jane bright pink Crocs from the Bon Ton...(Mom- I have to buy shoes for someone if it can't be me!)

I always peruse the books in there too. No finds today I'm afraid. Last time we scored a FIAR book for .75 (A New Coat for Anna) and about six or more American Girl books. Today they had one and she already owns it. I'll be back soon consign our Pack n Play. I hear there is a waiting list. I have to strike while the iron is hot. I don't think our tandem stroller lasted two hours in the place. You can't beat that!
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Jen said...

Now I am wanting some green pants and a pink shirt. For my summery weather, you know. ; )

Heather said...

HA! Yeah Jen...all this stuff is for some day.

Still waiting on this cold rain to turn to snow.