Friday, March 21, 2008

Neil Armstrong Chapters 6-8

Today we did some experiments to learn about conduction, convection, and radiation. E9 made some hyptheses based on his prior knowledge and then we did the experiments and made some observations.

E9 had to write several paragraphs about what would have happened if Neil and his friends had gone camping without permission. This gave us a chance to review the main idea and supporting details of a paragraph. We read all about paragraphs while searching about conjunctions. Now I just know I learned somewhere NOT to start a sentence with a conjunction. BUT do you think we found that?....Nooooooo. So how's a teacher going to tell a young boy not to start every sentence with "or'? Sigh.

A glimpse of E9's art work and his study of campfires. He was able to ask Survivorman- yes THE Survivorman which kind of fire was his favorite to make.

This is a drawing of a scene from chapter 7 where the boys are gathering firewood and making breakfast- notice we've been working on perspective. At first his trees were just as short as the kids.

No camping trip would be complete without a look at the stars. E9 chose a constellation to recreate. Can you guess which one it is?

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